Monday, May 16, 2016

No high school degree? Bummer...

As we all know its harder and harder these days to get a job even with a college degree let alone a high school degree. It is so important to graduate from high school for so many reasons! My Blog entry was sparked by a recent article in the New York Times:

It’s a Tough Job Market for the Young Without College Degrees

I kept this title big and bold because it is such a wake up call for all those without a high school degree. Shockingly there is a 17.8% unemployment rate for high school graduates right now! Which means an even higher unemployment rate without graduating. Here are some statistics from the article I found to be alarming:

A Struggle to Get Ahead

Among 17- to 24-year-olds, just over 10 percent have completed college or achieved an advanced degree.
Highest degree earned, population ages 17 to 24
12-month moving average as of February 2016
Less than
high school
High school only
Some college

Monday, May 2, 2016

Why is getting your High School diploma or HiSet so Important?

There are several reasons why it is so important to get your high school diploma or your high school equivalency degree. Here are just some reasons why....

1) Better Job opportunities and moving up the corporate ladder- You may say to yourself, "I can still get a decent job and not graduate from high school, right?" WRONG! Without a high school degree people are finding it harder and harder to even get a job. The unemployment rate of people without a high school diploma is almost twice of those with a high school diploma. Also, having a high school degree or equivalent degree will give you endless opportunities of jobs and better chances of being promoted!

2) Broaden your horizon- The more you educate yourself the more well rounded you become in all aspects of your life. Exercising your mind is healthy, you feel more comfortable when engaging in intelligent conversations, and in general feeling more confident in yourself  when speaking with others that are highly educated.

3) High Wages- Who doesn't want to make more money? The weekly earnings of those that are high school accredited is 50% more than the weekly earnings of a person without a high school accreditation. Take a second to think about how much more money you could be making! Not having a high school diploma could even keep you from getting a raise if more education is needed to move up the ladder.

4) You can go to college- Clearly we all know that the only way into college is either a high school diploma or an equivalent degree such as a HiSet or GED. Without them you can not go to college to earn a degree and score a decent job. Every year college graduates are finding it harder to land jobs because of competition. Can you imagine trying to get a job without a high school degree?

Here at Carroll County Education we believe in helping you get your high school diploma or high school equivalency degree so that you can succeed in not only your career but in life. It's never too late! Visit us now at